When planning an AC installation, considering the cost of service is essential. Various factors affect the price, including the type and size of air conditioners and many other things. Here, we will answer your question regarding the AC installation cost in Dubai. Still, first, we will discuss the previously mentioned cost-affecting factors, things to consider that can affect the installation cost, and tips to avoid expenditure. Let us start this conversation with the factors that can reduce or exceed the budget.

Factors that Affect AC Installation Costs in Dubai

Factors that Affect AC Installation Costs in Dubai

Before discussing the installation cost of air conditioners in Dubai, it is more important to discuss the factors that impact the charges for setting up an air conditioner.

AC Unit Size, Type, and Technology

First, we should understand that different types of air conditioners are available in markets in different sizes. Moreover, the installation of a split AC and a window AC cannot be the same because of technology. Likewise, the size matters, and you have to pay more to install a floor-mounted air conditioner compared to a chiller air conditioner. As a result, your AC unit’s size, type, and technology can impact the installation cost.

Installation location

The next thing is the installation location. Here, the area is a double-meaning word and specifies the distance a service provider must cover and the place in the home to install it. If the service provider has to cover a significant distance, he will undoubtedly charge for travelling. On the other hand, if the place at home for gadget installation is complex and requires hard work, you must keep their struggle in mind and pay for service and some bonus, if it is justified.

Unforeseen Issues

Surprise discoveries during installation can increase the cost. However, hidden duct leaks, outdated wiring that needs replacement, or tricky access points might require extra time. So, you must discuss these possibilities with your contractor, which can help you manage the budget for potential issues during the process.

Brand and Model

Technology has evolved since day one, and the latest AC brands and models are being developed continuously. Different brands and their models have other processes to install them, which can make you spend more money on the installation.

How to Avoid Spending Extra Money on AC Installation

Before discussing the actual AC installation cost in Dubai, let us tell you what practices you should adopt to keep the maximum money in your pocket. Following these practices will save money and ensure the longevity of your cooling machine without concerning yourself with concerns about size.

  • Research and choose your AC unit before contacting contractors. Knowing the specific model helps them give accurate quotes.
  • Never accept the first offer made to you. Request quotations from multiple HVAC contractors who are insured and licensed.
  • Notify contractors of the location and any possible difficulties. They may then modify the quotation appropriately and prevent any surprises.
  • Make queries about installation costs because some businesses provide installation for free within a certain radius and charge for further distances.
  • Since AC installation is often less expensive in the winter and spring than during the hotter summer months, schedule the installation during off-peak hours.
  • Obtain a thorough explanation of the installation price. It includes labor, supplies, permits, and possible costs of removing your old unit.
  • There may be unforeseen circumstances, so be ready for any additional costs. As a result, it helps to prevent unpleasant shocks.

AC Installation Cost in Dubai

AC Installation Cost in Dubai

As mentioned earlier, there are different AC options, varying in size and technology, according to our requirements. Furthermore, every service provider has policies that decide installation costs. So, we will provide you with an estimate of the average AC installation cost in Dubai, keeping all the factors in mind.

Split AC systems: AED 1500 to AED 2,500

Central AC systems: AED 3,000 to AED 10,000

Inverter ACs: AED 2,000 to AED 4,000


Knowing the AC installation cost in Dubai is essential, but remember that the price varies according to every service provider. Moreover, various factors can change the cost, such as type, size, and technology used in the device. Additionally, following steps like strong communication with contractors, choosing the gadget wisely, and keeping installation time in mind can help you save money. So, whenever you plan to buy and use a new air conditioner, opt for the best service provider, like VAC Technical Services.


Is AC maintenance more expensive than AC installation?

AC maintenance is more expensive than other services. Setting up an air conditioner is a one-time process, and we must maintain our cooling system once or twice a year.

Which AC type is most accessible to install?

A window air conditioner is very easy to install. Experts do not require complex tools; the essential tools like a screwdriver, utility knife, tape measure, and level are enough for the entire process.

Before you install an AC, what are some tips for buying one?

Buying an AC is not an issue, but buying an accurate one is. Here are some useful tips for purchasing an AC:

  • Consider your requirements.
  • Consider the size of the AC and room.
  • Check online reviews of a device that you finalized.
  • Hire an expert to install it.