According to a survey, 75% of Dubai’s population is composed of people who initially did not belong there. Besides, the majority of foreigners there fall into the working-class category. This means they focus on saving money instead of spending it on their livelihood. You must know that air conditioners are a basic need in every home. This blog is for those who can pay little and are looking for affordable AC solutions in Dubai. Here, we will talk about some essential solutions that start from regular AC maintenance to the search for economical services.

Affordable AC Solutions

Before discussing affordable AC solutions, let us discuss the importance of regular AC servicing and maintenance. Proper upkeep of your cooling machine has various benefits, such as ensuring maximum efficiency and increasing life. On the other hand, it saves you from surprises and unwanted guests in the shape of technicians. But what should you do if you want a cost-effective solution? Before you dive in, consider adopting some practices from the following content.

Ensure Regular Maintenance

An air conditioner owner who does not care for it is often called its enemy. When you invest in your air conditioner, you expect only positivity. Likewise, our HVAC system has some concerns, and maintaining it is the priority. Your device will only work if you pay attention to its maintenance, which is expensive and requires repair.

DIY Maintenance Tips

Calling an expert for maintenance is not always possible, so knowing DIY AC maintenance tips can be helpful. Though an expert can help you keep your AC in running condition, calling him for simple steps like changing filters, setting thermostats, and cleaning fins is unnecessary. So, be sure to practice these tips to save money.

Government Initiatives & Subsidies

The government of Dubai frequently launches programs and subsidies that lessen the cost of air conditioning to encourage sustainability and energy efficiency. Pay attention to notifications and initiatives that assist locals in switching to more energy-efficient appliances. These programs, which provide interest-free financing alternatives, discounts, or subsidies, make it more affordable for people on a tight budget to purchase economical and environmentally responsible cooling solutions.

Get Affordable Services

Another affordable AC solution is contacting companies to repair or maintain your air conditioner. Other companies have various packages, and comparing prices and services can help you enjoy low-cost services.

Energy Efficient Upgrades

Now, let us move ahead and discuss the next solution. The latest technologies are entering the market daily, and we must be careful when investing in air conditioners. Heavy investment in a suitable machine is hundreds of times better than short investments in old and previous technology. Always opt for products that do not require servicing and repair after every particular period. For example, go for inverter air conditioners that consume less power and do not break quickly.

Use Smart Thermostat

Purchasing a smart thermostat is an economical approach to improving the effectiveness of your air conditioning system. These gadgets allow you to remotely regulate the temperature in your house, changing the settings to suit your requirements and schedule. You may reduce energy use and monthly electricity costs by making the most of your air conditioning system.

Many smart thermostats also have energy-saving features like learning algorithms that adjust to your habits over time. Residents of Dubai who want to combat the heat without going over budget will find it; despite the initial expenditure appearing larger than a typical thermostat, the long-term savings make it an affordable option.


Most of us know air conditioners are costly machines; however, we do not consider going for affordable AC solutions. Remember the power of regular AC servicing when you buy an air conditioner. When it comes to affordable AC solutions in Dubai, we have a list. Ensure AC maintenance as mentioned earlier, use smart thermostats, follow DIY tips to maintain your device, and do many other things. If you need air conditioning services at very cheap rates, visit VAC Technical Services, as we are the best and most cost-effective in Dubai.


What AC type is most accessible and cheapest to run?

A split air conditioner is the cheapest to run. However, when discussing the most accessible device, remember that all the air conditioners launched recently are very easy to use.

What are some alternative cooling solutions for those who cannot afford AC units in Dubai?

Window Coverings:

  • Blinds
  • Curtains
  • Shades (opt for light-colored or reflective materials)


  • Roof insulation
  • Wall insulation
  • Window insulation
  • Weather stripping or caulking for sealing gaps around doors and windows

Other Solutions:

  • Evaporative cooler
  • Air cooler
  • Fan

Do air conditioners provide financial savings?

By installing a suitable cooling system in your house, you can stay comfortable and save money and energy no matter the outside temperature.

Where should I set my AC to save money?

The thermostat should be set to a pleasant temperature for you and your family. For every degree you raise the temperature, you may reduce your energy costs considerably. According to various guidelines, the ideal temperature range for comfort and affordability is between 23 and 26 degrees.