Advancements in technology have made things simpler. Once, people used to set an AC temperature manually. Still, now they control it remotely, even with the power to set the temperature from a remote area with the help of their smartphone. In the current era, when everything is simple and easy to operate, we still face some issues. Want to know the reasons? It is due to the need to familiarize yourself with challenges and proper AC maintenance. In this blog, we will discuss the challenges of central AC installation and give you tips for overcoming them.

A little about Central Air Conditioners

A central air conditioner is a comforting superhero in your house. It cools the entire area by moving cooled air via ducts and vents. You are left with a beautiful, chilly refuge while a powerful unit outside removes heat from the inside.

Central AC installation Challenges

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It is commonly said that contracting a professional for AC installation is worth more than buying a larger device. It clarifies that the AC installation process can encounter some unexpected problems. So, to have a hassle-free installation, one must be aware of these problems. At the same time, talking about a central air conditioner being a larger device, the risks of the device size increase. So, let us tell you about the significant AC installation challenges and tips to overcome them.

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Improper Type and Sizing

Problems with incorrect size during central air conditioning system installation might result in inefficiency and higher energy usage. Accurate size based on a thorough load calculation is essential to solving this, taking occupants, windows, insulation, and other elements into account. This problem is resolved by appropriately matching the cooling load and AC unit.

Inadequate ductwork

Proper ductwork is essential when installing a central air conditioner; poor design or shoddy installation can lead to inadequacy. As a result, it can cause lower efficiency and problems with airflow. Now, talking about the solution, it is following industry guidelines when planning and constructing ductwork. Moreover, pay special attention to appropriate insulation and sealing to eliminate air leaks for optimal performance.

Refrigerant Issues

Refrigerant problems, such as low or leaky levels, threaten the system’s effectiveness. A qualified expert should perform refrigerant-related duties to ensure correct charging and timely leak repair, supporting the system’s optimal operation.

Improper Thermostat Installation

The thermostat is not just a gadget but a great assistant to enhance savings. Do you know that poorly installed thermostats can result in inaccurate temperature readings and ineffective cooling because of improper location or calibration? You can fix it by positioning it centrally, away from drafts, heat sources, and direct sunlight. Be careful while installing and calibrating it according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Electrical Issues

Damage or failures may result from electrical wiring issues, such as poor or insufficient connections. Employing a licensed electrician for electrical work is crucial to resolving this, as they can guarantee safe connections, appropriate grounding, and adherence to regional electrical rules.

Improper Insulation

According to reports, leakage in the insulation equally contributes to cooling loss, but the majority ignores it. At the same time, if you also belong to such people, consider upgrading your windows, ceilings, and walls to improve insulation. We ensure that doing so will help you reduce heat gain and maximize the air conditioning system’s efficiency.

Ignoring Ventilation

After insulation, what affects the environment most and causes problems during or after central AC installation in Dubai is overseeing the ventilation. Remember that poor air circulation and low ventilation significantly impact indoor air quality. Whenever you buy a main cooling machine, you must install the appropriate supply and kind of supply and return vents. Undoubtedly, they are necessary for proper ventilation, considering the necessity of any extra equipment like air exchangers or ventilators.

Unsuitable Air Distribution

Inadequately planned or executed air distribution mechanisms might result in inconsistent temperature regulation across the room. The trick is to prepare the ducting architecture to distribute air evenly, use adjustable dampers to balance airflow, and place vents in the right places.

Oversighting the Proper Maintenance

The AC system may operate less efficiently and have a shorter lifespan if maintenance instructions are not followed. It is essential to adhere to the manufacturer’s suggested maintenance plan, clean or replace the central ac filter regularly, check refrigerant levels, and schedule expert inspections to minimize this.

Hiring an inexperienced contractor

As this era is digital, seeking a professional might be relatively easy. On the other hand, getting confirmation regarding their skills might be a difficult task. Don’t worry. We have a simple solution for you in the form of VAC maintenance.

Contact us; we are always willing to listen to you and address any concerns. As a reliable contractor, we will visit your place and examine everything for your hassle-free tenure with central AC.


Overcoming central AC installation in Dubai necessitates awareness and proactive solutions. Efficient cooling and lifespan are ensured by resolving several challenges, ranging from size difficulties to ventilation oversights. Recall that your thermostat’s location and routine maintenance must be done correctly for the best results. Selecting a knowledgeable provider such as VAC Maintenance ensures a trouble-free experience, and if you live in Dubai, there is no better choice.


What are common AC problems?

Regarding the common AC problems and their solutions, the answer is simple: inefficient cooling with noise is the mary problem. Some technical difficulties, like thermostat issues and water leaks, are signs of AC problems. Regarding the solutions, call an expert or go for DIY practices to solve them.

How long does a typical central air conditioning installation take?

The duration differs according to home size and system complexity. With enough preparation and cooperation, installation can typically take one day to one week.

Is the environment taken into account while installing central air conditioning?

Choosing an environmentally friendly refrigerant and adequately disposing of outdated equipment are essential to reducing the environmental impact.

Can I install a central air conditioning unit with my hands?

To prevent mistakes, guarantee the correct size, and follow safety regulations, it is highly recommended that a qualified HVAC specialist do central AC installation.