Though many people claim Winter to be their favorite weather, you should have seen them looking for heaters. What does this statement reveal? It reveals that most people in the technological era still do not know that they can use the heat feature of AC in Winter. Why is it so? It is because we have been using air conditioners for cooling purposes for decades. This blog will let you know how and why to use AC as a heater!

Remember, to get the maximum benefits, it is essential to select the best AC system for your space. A well-reputed brand or a durable device works fine throughout the year without concern for the weather! Let us start this discussion with “What is heat mode in an AC?” So people who do not know about the heat feature of AC may come to know about it!

Heat Mode in an AC

As the name suggests, the air conditioner operates in the heating mode. The device blasts the warm air into space until it reaches the desired temperature. The outside unit’s inverter compressor gradually shuts off when the temperature reaches the appropriate level; the heating cycle restarts when the room temperature falls. This suggests that the air conditioner’s outer condenser turns cold instead of hot and that the unit’s internal evaporator heats up instead of cools down. For energy conservation, 28°C is the ideal temperature setting.

Q. How do you use the heat feature of AC?

Using the heat feature of an air conditioner is a simple process that can help you stay comfortable during the colder months. Consider a device that performs as an environment more relaxed and heater before the AC installation. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to use the heat feature on most air conditioners:

1. Turn on AC

Locate the remote control or wall controller for your air conditioner. Press the power button to turn on the unit.

2. Select heat mode

Most air conditioners have a button or setting that lets you switch between cooling and heating modes. Look for a button with a sun icon or the word “HEAT.” Press this button or select the heat mode setting to activate the heating function.

3. Set the desired temperature

Use the up and down buttons on the remote or wall controller to adjust the temperature setting. Aim for a temperature that is comfortable for you.

4. Adjust fan speed (optional)

If you want to control the speed at which the warm air is circulated, use the fan speed buttons on the remote or wall controller. Higher fan speeds will circulate the air more quickly, while lower fan speeds will circulate the air more slowly.

5. Monitor the temperature

Once the air conditioner is in heat mode, it will take some time to warm up the room. Keep an eye on the temperature display to ensure the room reaches your desired temperature.

The chapter on how to use the heat feature of AC ends here. Now turn the page and discover why we should prefer using the heat mode of an AC rather than buying a heater.

6. Why Heat Features of AC!

As an answer to this question, we have multiple reasons to use AC as a heater as well. Regarding the overview, it provides safety, no need for extra space, and keeps the device in running condition throughout the year. Have a look at the details of these points here!

7. Saves the space

In the current era, the most costly thing to afford is real estate! At the same time, we usually witness people living in small spaces with their families. In such situations, placing a heater on the floor may also be space-consuming and risky. So, using an air conditioner as heat saves space and provides safety.

8. Safety purpose

We discussed safety in the previous passages; now, let us clarify this riddle. The typical location for an AC is high enough for children not to reach. On the other hand, oil heaters and other standard heating apparatus are extremely low. When we utilize an air conditioner that also functions as a heater, we put it out of a child’s reach and prevent accidental contact, improving safety.

9. Keeps the AC running

Do you know electronic gadgets become out-of-order if they are left running? It is expected to opt for AC maintenance before and after the running season. If you consider running AC in Winter as a heater, the chance of it becoming broken decreases with time.


In conclusion, using the heat feature of AC is a wise decision. People who do not know how to use this feature should realize that you must press a button and set the temperature according to your needs. On the other hand, it is the best idea because you get free space at home. Moreover, if we talk about the electrical bill, the heating system in an AC consumes more power than a proper heater.

Q. What is the ideal temperature for an AC in winter?

It depends on your needs. Meanwhile, the experts recommend keeping the temperature at .18 to 20 degrees. Having an ideal temperature will also help you save on your electricity bill.

Q. Should I go for AC maintenance if it is in heat mode?

To get the maximum output from a device, it is essential to maintain your device timely.

Q. What timetable for heating works best?

The central heating program should be set to turn on around 30 minutes before bed and turn off approximately 30 minutes before you wake up. Additionally, make sure you’ve programmed the timer to shut off during this period if the house is unoccupied throughout the day or if you can survive without heating.

Q. Are window air conditioners capable of heating?

Certain window air conditioners are not heated. While some window air conditioners are just intended to chill an area, others additionally have a heat pump that can be used for heating and cooling. Window heat pumps are another name for these kinds of window air conditioners.