Dubai is the hub of sports cars and luxury. Even the police here drive Lamborghinis and Bugattis. Though it’s a place of extreme luxury, it is also a place of extreme heat. Dubai is basically a desert which evolved to become the major hub of the world that it is recognized for being today. However, a desert is a desert and that doesn’t change no matter how many buildings you make in it. That said, when you live in a fancified desert. You’re going to want to make sure that the cooling doesn’t let you down. Broadly speaking, should the cooling fail you in Dubai, you could suffocate in your room extremely fast. Furthermore, if the heating should fail you in the night, you’ll freeze. Therefore, it’s absolutely vital to ensure that the AC unit is in pristine condition. For this maintenance, here are some AC Maintenance in Dubai tips to keep you at just the right temperature.

1- Are the Filters Clean?

How air conditioners work is that they take the air that’s already in the room, cool it down or warm it up depending on what it’s set to do, and send it back into the room. That’s why if there is no ventilation in a room it will become quite stuffy after a while with the AC on. To prevent any dust or dirt particles from getting into the compressor of the AC and clogging it up. There are air filters in front of the air intakes. However, if those air filters aren’t regularly cleaned. The ac will struggle to pull any air in and then won’t be able to push any air out. That’s why it’s vital to ensure that the air filters are kept clean at all times, to make sure that the ac isn’t choking. Furthermore, running an AC with a dirty dust filter can actually result in damage and even breakage. In some cases, you would have to get a new AC altogether.

2- Find the Perfect Temperature

The hard truth about AC Maintenance in Dubai is that you are going to need to run the ac nearly 24/7. That means that the AC is going to need to take a break during operation. It gets the chance to do so, otherwise the compressor unit will just burn out and you’ll end up with a broken AC. Therefore, it would be wise to pick a temperature that the AC unit can easily maintain that it comfortable enough for being in. You could get a heavier AC unit but all things need a break every now and then to stay functional. Just look at us people for example.

AC Maintenance in Dubai isn’t hard at all. You just need to be a little mindful of what it is that you’re doing and everything will stay functional. Furthermore, it will save you both the time and money of calling a handyman to your place to fix your AC unit while you wait in the scolding heat of the desert.