Do you know what hurts in Dubai whenever you are ready to go somewhere? A flat tire on your car because changing it in a severely hot climate is not less painful than working as a laborer. But something more painful is a broken air conditioner when you are back after a hectic day. There might be various culprits, and refrigerant leakage can be one of them. Gas leakage can occur for multiple reasons, but tips to avoid AC gas leaks are more important to know and adopt the practices. So, in this blog post, we will discuss the importance of functioning air conditioners, the reasons for this issue, preventive tips, and the causes of AC leaks.

Why is a Functioning AC Important in Dubai?

Every person who has been to Dubai will agree that summers there are no joke. Here, we’re talking about temperatures that routinely soar past 40°! A dependable air conditioning system keeps our homes and offices cozy and secure. Furthermore, excessive heat can heighten pre-existing medical issues and cause heat stroke and dehydration. For this reason, having a well-operating air conditioner is a luxury in Dubai and essential to our health and welfare.

The Trouble With AC Gas Leaks

 Trouble With AC Gas Leaks

Why is a refrigerant gas leak cause for concern, and what exactly is it? It is a coolant, often known as refrigerant gas, essential to your air conditioning system. It absorbs heat from your home and then releases it outside. If there is a leak, your air conditioner will work harder and less efficiently since this vital coolant is escaping. This might lead to higher electricity bills or total damage to your air conditioner.

But it’s not all like that. If machines leak, some refrigerants might be dangerous to the environment. Because they are greenhouse gases, they raise the planet’s temperature by retaining heat in the atmosphere. In addition, gas leaks might result in breathing problems and other health problems. Sealing leaks helps your air conditioning system, the environment, and your wallet! 

Tips To Avoid AC Gas Leaks: Preventative Maintenance

AC gas leaks sound bad, but what can we do about them? Here’s where our superhero comes in: tips to avoid gas leaks with preventative maintenance! Like cars, AC units need DIY maintenance tips to run smoothly. Thus, scheduling regular professional maintenance once or twice a year can prevent leaks before they even start. Here are some tips to avoid AC gas leaks that can be helpful to you:

Regular AC Miantenance

No one can doubt the importance of AC maintenance for long-term performance. Maintaining your air conditioner regularly ensures that all parts are working correctly and indicates no need for repair. So, ignoring the proper service of your cooling machine can lead to AC gas leakage, which makes you invest a significant amount in repair. 

Filter Power

Your AC’s air filter shields it from dust and debris. An unclean filter restricts airflow and may force your air conditioner to operate longer hours, which puts additional pressure on the system and raises the possibility of leaks. To maintain your air conditioner operating optimally, clean or change your air filter regularly every one to two months.

The Great Outdoor Inspection

The external AC unit struggles against the severe weather in Dubai. By periodically looking outside, ensure no debris or evidence of damage is obstructing the unit. If so, clear space surrounding the unit facilitates good ventilation and prevents overheating, which can lead to leaks.

Shade For Your AC

Your AC unit doesn’t want to spend the entire day in the sweltering heat, just like you wouldn’t. The outdoor unit should ideally be kept in a shady place. This will increase its efficiency and lower the possibility of overheating-related leaks.

Do not Attempt To Repair Yourself

Do not Attempt To Repair Yourself

Leave AC repairs to the experts, mainly if there are leaks. The cooling substance in your air conditioner, refrigerant, may be hazardous. Breathing issues may result from an undetected leak because it has no smell and is undetectable. Technicians are equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to handle these chemicals safely and resolve the leak to prevent further harm to your system and maintain the health and coolness of your house.

Causes of AC Gas Leaks

Causes of AC Gas Leaks

Now that you know the importance of preventing leaks, let’s take a closer look at some of the culprits that can cause them:

  • Normal Wear and Tear
  • Improper Installation
  • Exposure to Harsh Elements
  • Corrosion
  • Frozen Evaporator Coils


A functional air conditioner is essential for staying cool in Dubai. Take heed to these preventative maintenance techniques to beat the heat and spare yourself the headache of gas leaks. Regular expert maintenance is essential, but you can help by performing small chores like filter cleaning and maintaining the outside unit’s visibility. Leave repairs to experienced professionals like VAC Technical Services to avoid putting your health or pocketbook in danger. All summer, you may be comfortable and have a trouble-free AC system with some preparation. Remember that by heeding this advice, you may stay composed and prevent AC gas leaks!


Why does my AC gas leak again and again?

If your AC leaks gas repeatedly, corrosion is likely the cause. Call an expert to inspect the root cause and restore your cooling machine to regular operation.

How long an AC gas will run?

Your air conditioning gas can last for years; the only conditions are regular maintenance after AC installation and timely repair. We see people refilling gas every year, which means there is some maintenance issue or they do not care for their devices.

What are the signs of AC gas leakage?

Whenever you notice that your machine is taking too long to cool your temperature and there is a sudden spike in your power bills, gas leakage can be the cause. On the other hand, humidity level and the machine’s sounds also play their parts.

What is the cost of AC gas filling in Dubai?

As we know, there are different types and sizes of air conditioners, so telling the exact amount is impossible. Other companies have different policies, and their service rates vary.